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This is an introductory workshop to Node.js and Express. You'll be building your own platform to write, publish and save blog posts (a basic content management system, or CMS).

Why Express?

Express is one of the most widely-used frameworks for Node.js. It simplifies base features of Node.js, making it easier and faster to build your application's backend. Learning Express gives you a great foundation for becoming a Node.js developer ✨

Workshop structure

The workshop is divided into a number of steps, in a walkthrough style. You will be writing code on your own computer whilst following these steps.
The steps start off introducing you to how Node and Express work. In the last two steps, there are some mini challenges, requiring some problem-solving. But you'll definitely have all the knowledge you need to complete it!

Pro tips

  • In each step, we have bolded any jargon that you may or may not be familiar with. These terms are explained in the Keywords section.
  • You will see code snippets throughout, but try to resist the urge to copy and paste. You will learn much more if you get into the habit of typing things out.
  • Feel free to chat to a mentor, or collaborate with your neighbour whenever you need.

Let's go!

Let's start by setting up your computer - head over to our getting started guide.